About Us

New Hope Church of the Brethren, located up on the side of a country road winding its way through Patrick County, has become the home for many worshipers in this area. When you enter the doors, we hope that you receive a handshake, a smile and a word of encouragement. As you look through this directory you will quickly be able to see that New Hope has become the church home for all ages.

Sunday school classes, Wednesday night ministries, and Sunday morning worship services are provided as an opportunity for members and visitors to hear and experience the love that God has poured out on all people through the life, death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ.

If you are not familiar with all who attend New Hope, we hope this directory will be an important tool in allowing you to become more aware of those who worship here. If you have been here a long time, then you will be able to see how many changes have taken place in the last few years in the lives of those in whom you call brothers and sisters in Christ.

This directory gives all of us a visual display of the many parts that make up the church. But the unseen things - the prayers, the witness, the study, the testimony - these are the things that make New Hope a wonderful place to worship. A place in which we hope that you feel that you are at home with those that you love.

The Beginning

Before New Hope:

There was Fairview and Goodwill

From a church bulletin dated June 28, 1964

Church of the Brethren "Where We Pray Together"

Pastor Graham Sowers

A Brief History of Fairview-Goodwill Church of the Brethren

The people of the Fairview-Goodwill community met January 16, 1962 with the District Commission on

Ministry and Missions and organized an independent fellowship from the Smith River congregation.

Reverend C.R. Simmons was elected the first moderator and Reverend Ira Meyer was called to be the

first Pastor.

Reverend Meyer served as pastor until the fall of 1953. It was during this time there was a great need to

build a parsonage.

Mrs. Della Wood gave approximately 3 acres of land for the parsonage site.

From the fall of 1953 to the early summer of 1954 the church was served by supply pastors.

Reverend Julius Belser served as summer pastor in 1954.

A loan on the parsonage was secured from the Brotherhood on August 30, 1954.

The parsonage was finished and Reverend Sam Flora came here as pastor September 1, 1954. Reverend

Flora was the first pastor to live in the new parsonage. Reverend Flora served something over two years.

Reverend Clyde Hylton came in June 1957.

On July 25, 1957 Fairview-Goodwill Church of the Brethren was granted full status as a congregation at

the District Conference of Southern Virginia, held at the Pleasant Valley Church.

Reverend Clyde Hylton served until September 1, 1958 at which time Reverend Galen Wine became

pastor and served the church two years.

Reverend Ben Hylton served as pastor from September 1960 to April 1961.

Reverend James McAvoy served as summer pastor in 1961.

On July 21, 1961 the loan on the parsonage was paid in full. The parsonage was paid for in less than

seven years.

Reverend Ben Hylton returned September 1, 1961 and served until September 1, 1962 at which time

your present pastor came.

In June of 1963 we voted to build a new church building and December of 1963 the heirs of Mrs. Della

Wood gave approximately two acres of land adjacent to the parsonage for the new building and

approximately one and one half acres of land at the former Wood Cemetary for a cemetary.

The church has made much progress these past 12 years. You have proven that you can do what you

want to do. May God bless us as we work together that we might do even greater things for His

Kingdom in the future.